An Afternoon in the Waves with Heart of Surfing
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Tuesday, August 04, 2015
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It may only happen once or twice a summer, but some of my greatest afternoons have been spent with this amazing group of individuals. Every Saturday, in Ocean City, NJ, Heart of Surfing meets up and takes to the waves. Working with families affected by autism and/or special needs, they show us what real patience and unconditional love is...

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Warm Winds - Wow! I mean, just wow! I love what these families are doing. I can just imagine the amount of patience that they need and with all the love that's flowing, I'm sure it's all worth it for them! I mean, take a look at all these pictures. Great job capturing the smiles of everyone. Surfing has the tendency to make people smile and the fact that they're with their families makes their smiles wider!
Katharin Daily - Amazing pics thanks so much!!
diana daly - Such awesome pictures ... thank you so much for sharing these with all of our familes....
Cindy fertsch - Beau....They are AMAZING!!!! The gift of capturing the excitement and joy on the kid's faces is truly PRICELESS!! no words to thank you enough!!❤❤