Ashley & Mike {Great Bay Country Club}
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016
By Beau Ridge Photography
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What a great day we had with Ashley & Mike on a rainy (okay, it was a Nor'Easter, but whose keeping track) Friday evening in October at Great Bay Country Club!  These two were truly meant for one an other and exchanged some of the sweetest looks throughout their entire day.  We thought it was such a special moment they had prior to their ceremony where they held hands around the corner, spoke to each other without seeing each other, and just had a great moment together with just the two of them... and some cameras.  Thank you again for letting us capture your day filled with love!

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Joe Fusco - I will never forget the day I gave my daughter to a man who worships her, loves my grandson and now they have a beautiful baby girl. There is no other man that I would want for my daughter then my new son Mike....I love them all.