Manda {Mom. Chef. Nerd.}
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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Atlantic City, New Jersey's favorite Hell's Kitchen contestant, Chef Manda, has been a friend of our studio for some time now.  This little spitfire came in for a boudoir session a couple months back, but we wanted to wait to show off her hot photos until the heat was on in Chef Ramsey's kitchen.  Self-proclaimed "Mom. Chef. Nerd.", check out her spicy attitude every Wednesday on Fox and then like her Facebook page here! We're rooting for you!!!


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John Doe - Makes me wish it was still 1999
Trustf1 - So beautiful and so hot and tasteful
LISAMALYN ERNE-TROUPLIN - Oh la la Nerdette Manda...Very sexy Mama....To hot to handle.